You Are My Celebrity

Birdie Thirty | Feel Good Friday 121517

What a freakin’ pub golf crawl! It was so much freakin’ fun, and went off without a hitch.

First, we played sports.

Then, we ate Crow Burger.

Then, six of us got ready together like a damn coed sorority fraternity and that alone was hilarious.

Brick and Brock. Name a more iconic duo … I’ll wait.

Patio time, Brockdale Lights, rosé. Stealing Santas, stealing Eagles fans, stealing Crossfitters. Golfing at every hole, pier run, and singing at Mutt’s.

It was just perfect.

This week, too … wine night with my tall, gorgeous brunettes around the fire. Crazy work changes that leave me feeling empowered again—more to come on that. Work happy hour turned wine night on the patio. Yoga time and gym time. Texts on texts on texts I couldn’t be more grateful for. And the anticipation of this weekend! Yoga workshop and another Sunday, the Sunday of baby Hat’s first vb.

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