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Up Down and All Around | Feel Good Friday 120117

Hospital stay at Central Orange County Emergency Animal Hospital – they were PHENOMENAL.

What a range of emotions …
My absolutely wonderful family
Nali in the hospital
Getting sick myself from the stress of Nali in the hospital
Somehow this making me want to clean out my closet
And spend too much money on new pillows
And cook
For Nali, of course
Anticipation of a weekend in Seattle
Coupled with worry about Nali
Excitement for putting up my Christmas tree
How is it December already
So much to do before year’s end
All around grateful


Sidebar: Central Orange County Emergency Animal Hospital was absolutely phenomenal. The staff was amazing, considerate, and sweet throughout the entire ordeal, including me crying at the checkout desk when we left her that first night. Dr. Kim and the vet techs, namely not-Greg, were amazing and I felt so much better about Nali being there because of them.

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