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2018 is the Year of Action

Despite my best laid plans for a year of clarity, I can’t say that 2017 really brought much. Then again, I embarked on a number of different journeys, each of which cleared up some things for me—earning my (E)MBA through Smartly (I still don’t know when/if you’re supposed to put the E there?), making career moves as I transitioned from marketing to IT in the corporate world, and deeply committing to yoga practice (somewhere around 134+ yoga classes taken this year!). I also stayed categorically single for the entire year, which isn’t to say there weren’t dalliances, but is to say that this year was the first since sometime in college where I was reliant on only myself for everything: my happiness, my activities, my health, my adventures, my home life, my care of Nali. It’s empowering and invigorating when you put it that way, but I can’t say it always felt so in the throes.

This year was undeniably one of the hardest of my life simply because of this malaise—I wasn’t unhappy, but I certainly wasn’t happy either. I often tried to take action just for the sake of it, so I could trick myself into a sense of movement when I really felt so stuck.

But 2018 already feels different, where instead of being some sort of lifeline, action is simply what I do, because it’s who I am. Actively participating in my own life, making moves, building things, and pushing myself beyond what I am comfortable believing I can do.

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I also like having a sort of travel summary on these posts, so: Tahoe, Big Bear, Mammoth, Aspen, Portland, San Diego, Havasu, Tahoe, DC, Vegas, Ohio x2, Seattle, Austin, Houston … much more local this year, and more extended trips.

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