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What IS This “Contouring” Business?


Delving deeper into this recent makeup mania, I’ve recently been playing with the “contouring”. I haven’t gotten too extreme—because hello have you met me I play sports and sweat all the time?—but I did want to share a great tutorial(!) and a pic of my attempt(*). *side commentary, just a lil FYI: when this blog launched…

Idaho, Part 2 | Feel Good Friday 100215


Last weekend’s trip to Idaho was mind-bogglingly perfect. Literally everything went right. We packed a ton of fun stuff into one long weekend, but the most amazing part of the trip was the people: five near-strangers (Bromance and I already had a, well, bromance) became instant best friends (#bestspuds). From the moment the guys picked…

Idaho, You Gotta Go (Idaho, Part 1)


This is real life. #nofilter More reasons to go to Idaho: Go to Idaho: Lake Pend Oreille (pronounced: pond-ə-ray) Deer Ridge Lookout in the Purcell mountain range Small House Winery Eichardt’s. I hear they have a great salad (get the garlic fries). Trinity at City Beach. I call it Tripity, ok? P.A.T.I.O.

A Moment of Silent Gratitude

While I was glamping, hiking, wine tasting, tandem biking, dancing, exploring, moonlight hiking, taking in views, drinking coffees on porches, loving life, and annoying the hell out of my friends on social media whilst in Sandpoint, Idaho, one of this blog’s and DailyHap‘s biggest supporters died unexpectedly. She was a champion of all things good,…

PO, Two Shoes, and Stars


In my short life, I’ve experienced a lot of death, both of major people in my own life and in my friends’ lives. I don’t know if this is a self-selecting group or odd coincidence. I met this girl not even a year ago, and we were instantly close. She lost her husband two years…

FALL into Yoga at YogaWorks


It’s no secret that I love yoga, but I haven’t talked much about it recently—mainly because I haven’t been taking many classes (the move, the injury, the lack of a studio…) Which is why I’m excited to take YogaWorks’ Fall Into Yoga 14-day Challenge starting today. The challenge is $14 for 14 days of classes…