You Are My Celebrity

Happy National Dog Day!


Look, any excuse to post Denali pics is a great day in my book! She spends most of her time very happy, kinda scared, or sleeping. Denali comes to work with me almost every day, but she’s not super effective as an assistant. She mainly keeps people away from my office by barking (which is…

Graced By Football


It’s fall football season. Fantasy teams have been drafted. Preseason games are almost done being played. And beach flag football season (Beach City Sports) commences in two weeks. Football has brought immeasurable friends, fun, love, and family into my life. I am Graced by Football (in Graced by Grit’s Delicious Tank in royal, which is…

High West Distillery’s Barreled Manhattan


Just yesterday, after recommending this whiskey to the umpteenth person (and after giving it as a gift, and, ahem, enjoying it myself), I realized I need to share it here. Go buy High West Distillery’s Barreled Manhattan. It’s delicious, hand-labeled, special, and perfect for any occasion. In O.C., you can find it at Costa Mesa’s…